President Obama in Hawaii

The 2015 Obama Hawaii Vacation

President Obama and his family continued their Christmas tradition in 2015 and vacationed in Hawaii from December 18th through January 2nd. Once again, they rented the Hale Reena Estate in the Kailuana neighborhood of Kailua.

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During the busy holiday season, who has time to keep up with President Obama's vacation in Hawaii? Follow this up-to-the-minute timeline of the President's daily activities with photos, press reports and impromptu sightings reported by lucky visitors and residents.

2015 Obama Hawaii Vacation Photos and Videos

2015 Obama Hawaii photo gallery

The Winter White House
















The Hale Reena Estate:  2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

The 5-bedroom Asian style oceanfront estate comes with an oversized pool, spa, steam room, tropical garden and koi pond. It is located in the Castle Point Kailuana neighborhood in Kailua.


Hale Reena Estate Photo Gallery

Hale Reena photo gallery





The Plantation Estate at Paradise Point:  2008, 2009, 2010

This is the original "Winter White House" located a few houses down the street from the Hale Reena in the same Kailuana neighborhood. Although President Obama no longer stays here, its website invites you to "Vacation Like a President". View the Photo gallery.






The Oahu Lani - August 2008

The Oahu Lani is a large, 10-bedroom, beachfront house located in the middle of Kailua beach about a mile south of the Kailuana neighborhood. Technically neither a "Winter" nor "White House", then-Senator Obama stayed here in August 2008 while he was running for President. View the Photo gallery.


President Obama 2008 hawaii house





President Obama's Favorite Restaurants in Hawaii

With a Whole Foods conveniently located near his Kailua vacation home, President Obama eats many of his meals at home. When he does head out to a restaurant, it's usually one of his favorites: Alan Wong's, Nobu Waikiki, or Morimoto's. Read more about where President Obama likes to eat in Hawaii.


President Obama arriving at Morimot's Restaurant for dinner

Obama Hawaii Vacation Map

Believe it or not, this map contains a marker for every single place President Obama has visited since we started keeping track back in 2008. (Except for Bobby Titcomb's house on the North Shore, which we decided to leave off because he's had enough trouble already.)

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2014 Obama Hawaii Vacation Photogallery

Obama Hawaii photogallery

2011, 2012, and 2013 Obama Hawaii Photogallery

Obama Hawaii photogallery 2008-2010

2008, 2009, and 2010 Obama Hawaii Photogallery

Obama Hawaii photogallery 2011-2013