Pali Lookout at Nu'uanu Pali State Park

Stunning panoramic views of the Windward coast of Oahu can be viewed from the high cliffs at the Pali Lookout overlooking the Ko'olau mountain range. It is a historic area that was the site of the Battle of Nu'uanu, a significant battle in Hawaiian history, where Kamehameha I conquered the island of Oahu in 1795. The famous Hawaiian warrior king and his army arrived in hundreds of war canoes at Waikiki Beach. The Oahu warriors were led by Kalanikupule, the ruler of Maui and Oahu. Kamehameha's warriors headed to Nu'uanu Valley to face Kalanikupule's men. The battle was fierce and thousands of Kalanikupule's men were driven over the steep cliffs to their deaths.

As interesting as the history is, let's face it, you've come to the Pali Lookout for the view. And what a view it is !

  • Pali Lookout - Koolau

    View of Ko'olau mountains at the Pali Lookout

  • Pali Lookout

    Ko'olau and Pali golf courses are down below

  • Pali Lookout- Kaneohe

    Here you can see the houses in Kaneohe

  • Pali Lookout view

    More great views

  • Pali Lookout tunnel

    Close up view

  • windy at Pali Lookout

    It can be very windy here!

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* It is extremely windy at the Pali Lookout. Really really windy ! Hold onto your hat, your kids, etc. It's a good idea to have a light jacket on hand.

* The parking lot is a high-theft area, so don't leave any valuables in the car.

* The Pali Lookout a popular stop-off point for tours, so if you are on your own, listen in on the history; it is quite interesting.

* There is a path off to the right which is actually an old road hugging the cliffs. It makes an interesting trail leading about a mile downhill with great views of Kaneohe Bay and Kailua. You'll even see some Banyan trees, Guava trees and other tropical plants.

*Open daily during daylight hours. There is a $3 parking fee (except for Hawaii residents).


View the Pali Lookout using Google Street View

Position your mouse over the image below and click on the circles to navigate down the path to the Pali Lookout. Can you find the marker with the history of the Battle of Nu'uanu? Be careful where you click or you will end up inside the middle of the Pali tunnel. Click on the upper right corner to view it in full-screen mode.


Getting there:
Take H1 West from Waikiki. Exit at the Pali Highway, Route 61 heading north. After about five miles, you'll see a sign to the Pali Lookout.


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Video of the Pali Lookout: